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Innovation Facilitates Improvement

Light BulbsInnovate. Involve. Inspire. Three words that define what it means to be a Magnet recognized hospital. We innovate to improve, we involve others to teach, and we inspire to create change. Magnet recognized hospital executives must continue to seek new innovations to facilitate improved patient care and quality.

Every year, at the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) National Magnet Conference, healthcare organizations are awarded Magnet Recognition for nursing excellence and exceptional patient care delivery. This year’s conference is being held in Houston, Texas where Magnet status will be awarded to hospitals who deliver innovation in nursing practice, quality patient outcomes, and commitment to high-quality patient care. The Magnet Recognition Program recognizes and awards healthcare organizations and its nurses for exemplary service, thereby encouraging other organizations to continuously improve best practices by following suit and improve day-to-day nursing practices within their respective facilities.

Improving the quality of care is a universal goal most clinicians strive to achieve as improved patient care delivery becomes increasingly imperative. A recent HealthLeaders article asserted, “Developing operational and strategic imperatives from all that data is dependent upon analytics—the discovery and interpretation of meaningful patterns.” Health information technology, such as predictive analytics, has transformed the way clinicians reflect on the patient experience, and further how healthcare organizations analyze adverse events occurring within hospitals. As we continue to adopt new ways of thinking, subsequently challenging the status quo by making a conscious attempt to consider the latest and greatest technology, we are ultimately placing the quality back in patient care.

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