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From Then to Now: 10 Years of Proven Results

A personal story turned into PeraHealth’s founding purpose. After the death of their mother, Michael and Steven Rothman felt that while the doctors and nurses who cared for Florence had been competent and attentive, the system itself had failed their mother. Her slow deterioration over time was not apparent to the many nurses and physicians who saw her over the course of time, despite the wealth of data captured in the EHR. It became clear to Michael and Steven that the data was essentially stored in the EHR, but not synthesized into meaningful information to actively help clinicians. They wondered why there wasn’t a simple way to use the wealth of clinical data available for each patient to see deterioration or improvement over time. That initial idea led the brothers to approach the hospital where their mother passed away and request EHR data for research purposes. They wanted to determine if a health score could be developed that would synthesize EHR data into meaningful, actionable information for care providers.

What they found is that a score like this could be developed, and they built it: the Rothman Index. In the last decade, the Rothman Index has been validated in numerous research studies, launched as an intuitive user interface for clinicians, and used as a real-time solution to help our healthcare partners save more lives. This infographic explores the evolution of the Rothman Index and the last ten years of proven results.