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The Value Behind Building Strong Partnerships in Healthcare

Over the course of my 25 years in healthcare I’ve been fortunate to observe, participate, and sometimes lead care transformations at the bedside, department, service line, and system levels. Along that continuum of experience from patient care to clinical management to large-scale performance improvement, one thing has remained constant: a desire to help healthcare teams achieve the best possible outcomes for their patients. Coming to PeraHealth is the perfect opportunity for me to further pursue this objective. I saw a great opportunity to take my passion for improving patient outcomes, pair it with my experience in implementing strategic initiatives in a healthcare setting, and assist hospitals in integrating a validated clinical decision support solution to help proactively identify patient deterioration with the Rothman Index.

At PeraHealth, I look forward to leading our Account Management team as we build strong partnerships that enable shared success and a transformation of how we use healthcare data in a more proactive way. We’ve already seen impressive outcomes with our partners in areas such as mortality reduction, improving proactive rapid response team impact, and assisting with palliative care consults. There is so much more are on the horizon as we work hand-in-hand with our partners to achieve their goals through our proven implementationprocess. This “what to expect guide” will help outline our strategic approach to technical implementation as well as our ongoing partnership.

The Rothman Index is a powerful solution to enhance clinicians’ delivery of high quality, safe and effective care. I was inspired by the team’s dedication and passion to make these solutions easy for hospitals to use and am excited to be a part of the PeraHealth team.