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National Nurses Week 2018 – We celebrate your nurses and ours

Nurses Week

Thank you to nurses around the country who Inspire, Innovate, and Influence us every day.

You inspire us by gracefully navigating both joyful and tough conversations with patients and their families. You’re continuously innovative, developing new processes and solutions for safer patient care. Your positive influence is felt by everyone around you as you lead by example with

compassion and clinical expertise, always putting your patients first.

And, in the words of our customers, partners, and staff:

“Being a nurse to me, is having the privilege to care for and love someone during what may be one of their weakest moments in life.” – Heather Bramblett, BSN, RN, CCRN, Nursing Support Services, Unit Director, Clinical Administrators/Interpreter Services, Carilion Clinic

“Being a nurse means I am able to share the talent God has given me with those who I care for…the patients, the family members and fellow peers. Nurses are the hands and hearts of medicine, they are there to comfort, provide top notch clinical care and calm the fears.” – Yvonne Goellner, RN, BSN, MSN, Nursing Operations Project Manager, Blessing Hospital – Linda Scaz, R.N., PhD, The Institute for Healthcare Excellence, hospice nurse

“Being a nurse means caring for patients and their loved ones with my hands and heart. It means I carry a responsibility to offer my knowledge and skills when and where I can, whether it be through mission work, teaching a caregiver how to care for a family member, or facilitating courses to healthcare providers.” – Linda Scaz, R.N., PhD, The Institute for Healthcare Excellence, hospice nurse

“To me, being a nurse means I have a license to care and the privilege to stand beside people who are suffering, healing, learning, and celebrating, as together we try to improve experiences and optimize quality of lives.” – Carrie Grant, R.N., The Institute for Healthcare Excellence, nurse administrator

“Over the course of my nursing career I have been immeasurably fortunate to work with many great nurse leaders and care providers. Whether at the bedside or in the boardroom, nurses bring a distinctly pragmatic, human-centered, and compassionate point-of-view to healthcare delivery. These characteristics, plus the holism that is inherent in nursing practice, make our profession as relevant in today’s healthcare environment as it has ever been throughout history. I’m excited about what the future can bring for nursing as the profession continues to lead the way in healthcare delivery transformation.” – Thomas Flynn, MSN, RN, CWCN, CSSBB, VP, Account and Clinical Services, PeraHealth

Nurses make a difference, and we are honored to work with you.

Happy National Nurses Week!


The PeraHealth team