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Carilion Clinic and Northside Hospital Win Rothman Index Awards for Analytics

PeraHealth has announced the 2019 Rothman Index Award winners, bestowing the honors on hospitals and individuals who have used the Rothman Index to improve clinical outcomes, implement innovative technology applications, and author peer-reviewed publications. PeraHealth presented the awards as a Day 1 finale for the TRENDS 2019 Rothman Index Customer Conference in Baltimore on September 26.

The Rothman Index Award for Analytics is presented for using the power of Rothman Index (RI) Analytics to drive positive change in healthcare delivery.

Carilion Clinic uses RI Analytics to track ICU bounce-backs. Through analysis of this data,  Carilion created a new care delivery process that resulted in a 50% reduction in bounce backs. Team members continue to use the technology to monitor sustainment of these results. Additionally, this organization has used RI Analytics to demonstrate reduction in code blues and ICU length of stay. Carilion also incorporates use of analytics to support nursing research work. For example, to fulfill a doctorate degree requirement, one nurse leader analyzed the impact the Rothman Index has on decreasing code blue events. Other nurse researchers are using Rothman Index data to detect deterioration sooner by improving respiratory rate and Braden Scale documentation.

Northside Hospital has been improving patient care through the use of RI Analytics in a variety of applications. RI Analytics captures “Great Catch” stories. Additionally, Rapid Response and Charge Nurses use the Rothman Index to prioritize rounding on high-risk patients. Clinical Specialists also use the technology for code blue review and other event analysis.