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Froedtert Hospital Wins the Rothman Index Award for Command Centers

PeraHealth has announced the 2019 Rothman Index Award winners, bestowing the honors on hospitals and individuals who have used the Rothman Index to improve clinical outcomes, implement innovative technology applications, and author peer-reviewed publications. PeraHealth presented the awards as a Day 1 finale for the TRENDS 2019 Rothman Index Customer Conference in Baltimore on September 26.

The Rothman Index award for Command Centers is presented for championing innovation in Command Centers using the Rothman Index.

Froedtert Hospital has accelerated interventions on patients in the early stages of clinical decline by remotely monitoring every individual occupying a bed with the use of the Rothman Index. This process has resulted in earlier interventions for 17% of the patients. Froedtert uses an offsite facility to monitor all patients at three of its hospitals. The remote center is operated by Inception Health, which serves a digital health service hub for Froedtert and the Medical College of Wisconsin.