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Sinai Hospital of Baltimore Wins the Rothman Index Award for Sepsis Detection

PeraHealth has announced the 2019 Rothman Index Award winners, bestowing the honors on hospitals and individuals who have used the Rothman Index to improve clinical outcomes, implement innovative technology applications, and author peer-reviewed publications. PeraHealth presented the awards as a Day 1 finale for the TRENDS 2019 Rothman Index Customer Conference in Baltimore on September 26.

The Rothman Index Award for Sepsis Detection is presented for making significant improvement in early sepsis intervention using the Rothman Index.

Having already won the Maryland Health Quality Innovator of the Year award for Data-Driven Care, Sinai Hospital has made strong strides in addressing sepsis care. The team wanted to find a way to use data to decrease the incidence of sepsis. Seeing gaps in the ability of current electronic medical records to enable early identification of sepsis, the executive leadership team investigated and selected the Rothman Index as a more accurate predictive analytics tool. The team implemented a pilot in the Intensive Care, Cardiac Intensive Care, Intermediate Care, and Post-Anesthesia Care Units…and initiated a nurse training program. Sinai’s sepsis mortality rate decreased from 25.49% in January 2018 to 16% in June 2018.