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Oconee Medical Center Adopts PeraHealth’s PeraTrend to Drive Excellence in Healthcare Quality

Oconee adds Rothman Index to McKesson Paragon EHR to accelerate detection of at-risk patients and reduce unplanned readmissions

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 27, 2014 – PeraHealth is pleased to announce that Oconee Medical Center will join a community of the nation’s most progressive health systems by adopting PeraTrend™ to serve as their real-time clinical decision support tool. PeraTrend automates the calculation of the Rothman Index, the next-generation patient acuity measure built to synthesize EHR data into a single, actionable score that immediately communicates a patient’s condition to clinicians.

Oconee Medical Center is a 169-bed hospital with inpatient, outpatient and community-based services that has been serving Oconee County, South Carolina for over 75 years. Oconee’s goals to reduce unplanned readmissions and obtain meaningful data from their EHR system were key in selecting PeraTrend.

PeraTrend will integrate with the McKesson Paragon electronic health record to extract intelligence from the EHR, helping doctors and nurses to see sometimes subtle changes in the patient’s condition earlier and to view trends over time, including over multiple admissions. PeraTrend will assist in clinician huddles and handoffs, and will be used house-wide.

“When we saw PeraTrend we knew that it was a revolutionary product,” said Hunter Kome, Chief Operating Officer of Oconee Medical Center. “Using the Rothman Index, PeraTrend distills information buried in an EMR’s database to allow doctors and nurses to better understand not only a patient’s current condition, but trends over time. PeraTrend leverages our investment in the Paragon EHR, and will help our clinicians target interventions more quickly, using protocols based on scientifically proven acuity measures.”

“We are delighted to have Oconee Medical Center join us in our mission to transform the use of decision support technology in healthcare,” said Stephanie Alexander, Chief Executive Officer of Charlotte-based PeraHealth, Inc. “Oconee is a visionary organization, and it is only natural they would be on the forefront of this next leap forward in healthcare quality.”

About Oconee Medical Center

With 169 licensed beds, Oconee Medical Center is the anchor of a not-for-profit organization that provides a full range of health services to the people of Oconee County, S.C. and surrounding communities. The medical staff includes more than 120 physicians who represent 25 specialties. For more information, visit