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Carilion Clinic, PeraHealth Partner to Enhance Patient Safety

“Most Connected” Hospital to Utilize Rothman Index to Seamlessly Interpret EHR Data, Detect Subtle Patient Health Problems Earlier

CHARLOTTE, N.C. & ROANOKE, Va. – Carilion Clinic will leverage PeraHealth’s predictive analytics to help identify patients who may be at risk for serious health issues.

PeraHealth’s suite of clinical surveillance solutions, powered by the Rothman Index, will be integrated into the Epic electronic health record (EHR) system at Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital (CRMH). One of the largest hospitals in Virginia, CRMH is a 703–bed hospital with an additional 60-bed Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and a Level 1 trauma center. CRMH was named to U.S. News & World Report’s 2015-16 Most Connected Hospitals list for using technology to improve patient safety.

“At Carilion, we are committed to improving the health of the communities we serve, and advanced analytics play a vital role in helping us do so,” said Carilion Clinic Senior Vice President and Chief Medical Informatics Officer Stephen Morgan, M.D. “We believe the Rothman Index will help our providers and nurses identify at-risk patients earlier, promoting more timely intervention and better outcomes.”

Clinicians use the Rothman Index, a patient condition algorithm, to predict and reduce mortality and readmissions, and lower costs. PeraHealth software automatically pulls vital sign, lab and nursing assessment data from all major EHR systems and translates it into a Rothman score that’s presented in color-coded graphs. Scores and graphs are computed in real-time upon admission and trended across the entire episode of care, allowing care teams to better visualize and communicate patient condition, and take action when needed.  The Rothman Index is validated by 20 peer-reviewed publications, including articles detailing how it helps care teams significantly reduce mortality and detect declining patient condition earlier with significantly fewer false positives.

“By the time a patient’s vital signs reflect deterioration it may be too late for clinicians to intervene and prevent it,” said PeraHealth CEO Stephanie Alexander. “Integrating nursing assessments with vitals and lab data into a single score provides a full picture of patient condition proven to help clinicians intervene early enough to make a difference. We look forward to collaborating with Carilion Clinic in its never-ending quest to provide safer, more efficient care.”

Clinicians also use PeraHealth solutions to:

  • Remotely monitor patients across multiple care settings
  • Help determine when to discharge patients
  • Prioritize patient bedside visits, nursing assignments
  • Improve documentation accuracy, timeliness
  • Maximize capacity management (bed management, ICU optimization)
  • Identify opportunities for palliative care consults 

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