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Sinai Hospital of Baltimore Becomes First in Maryland to Adopt PeraHealth’s Predictive Analytics

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore Becomes First in Maryland to Adopt PeraHealth’s Predictive Analytics to Detect Patient Health Issues Earlier

BALTIMORE, MD – March 28, 2017 – PeraHealth, a provider of predictive, real-time clinical surveillance solutions, today announces that Sinai Hospital of Baltimore will be the first hospital in Maryland to adopt the company’s predictive analytics technology to help doctors and nurses identify early changes in a patient’s condition, before these changes may be apparent through vital signs, allowing for earlier intervention. This technology leverages data from electronic health records (EHRs) to drive predictive analytics and notifies care teams when a patient’s health may be changing.

PeraHealth’s clinical surveillance solutions, PeraAnalytics and PeraTrend, will help Sinai Hospital’s care teams keep patients at risk for serious health issues from unplanned visits to the intensive care unit and ensure clinicians continue to provide patients with the highest quality of care possible.

“As part of LifeBridge Health’s ongoing commitment to quality improvement, we are always open to innovation and new approaches. We are interested to see how PeraHealth’s analytic technology will enhance our array of clinical tools to ensure that our doctors, nurses and other providers have the information they need to make the best care decisions for our patients,” says Barbara Epke, vice president at LifeBridge Health, the parent company of Sinai Hospital.

“In critical care medicine, time is often of the essence, which can be challenging with patients who have complex conditions involving multiple organ systems. Timely and accurate information is vital. We believe the concept of predictive analytics to alert clinicians to potential or likely complications, allowing for earlier intervention, will be a valuable resource for our health care providers and potentially a lifesaver for patients,” says Jaime Barnes, D.O., chief of the division of critical care medicine at LifeBridge Health.

PeraHealth’s solutions are powered by the Rothman Index (RI), the only general measure of patient condition for healthcare providers, leveraging hospitals’ existing EHRs and utilizing real-time data to quantify and visualize patient acuity and risk. While other early warning systems depend only on vital signs and EHR data, the RI model uses a range of physiological measures – including labs, vital signs and nursing assessments – and produces a continuous measure of patient condition, across all diseases, conditions and care settings.

“Traditional patient warning systems tend to come too late and generate false alerts for care teams,” says PeraHealth CEO Stephanie Alexander. “We are helping Sinai Hospital’s doctors and nurses address declining conditions far before they are apparent through vital signs, which helps care teams provide better patient care and ultimately saves lives.”

PeraHealth’s predictive analytics solutions will be deployed across all units in Sinai Hospital by early summer. These solutions will be used specifically to:

  • Remotely monitor patients across multiple care settings;
  • Help determine when to discharge patients;
  • Prioritize patient bedside visits, nursing assignments;
  • Improve documentation accuracy, timeliness;
  • Maximize capacity management (bed management, ICU optimization); and
  • Identify opportunities for palliative care consults.

About LifeBridge Health and Sinai Hospital

LifeBridge Health is one of the largest and most comprehensive health care providers in Maryland. In addition to Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, LifeBridge Health comprises Northwest Hospital, Carroll Hospital, Levindale Hebrew Geriatric Center and Hospital, and its related subsidiaries and affiliates.

Sinai Hospital is a 520-bed medical complex in North Baltimore with a mission to improve the health of people in its community through compassionate, high-quality care. In 2016, U.S. News & World Report recognized Sinai as one of the state’s top hospitals, tied for number three in both Maryland and the Baltimore metro region. U.S. News also ranked Sinai as one of the nation’s best in neurology and neurosurgery (#36 in the top 50) as well as “high performing” in four other medical specialties.

About PeraHealth

PeraHealth is a software company that uses the Rothman Index to transform the clinical and financial efficiency of healthcare. The Rothman Index is the first algorithm that derives one simple score from the vast amount of data in the electronic medical record to create a picture of any patient’s condition over time – any age, any disease, any care setting. It is the only algorithm proven to reduce mortality in practice. Other results include reducing length of stay and readmissions. Our customers are leading hospitals and clinicians who need to identify patients at risk of rapid decline, make decisions about transfer and discharge, predict the risk of severe infection, and improve the overall efficiency and quality of care. For more information, visit and @PeraHealth.