Press Release

PeraHealth to Showcase Lifesaving Intelligent Solutions at the 13th Annual Conference on Rapid Response Systems and Medical Emergency Teams

Yale New Haven Health System, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh present key results using PeraHealth solutions

CHICAGO, Il. – May 11, 2017 – PeraHealth, a provider of predictive, real-time clinical surveillance solutions, announces it will showcase its lifesaving intelligent solutions at the 13th Annual Conference on Rapid Response Systems and Medical Emergency Team in Chicago. As the largest international conference on rapid response systems (RRS) and medical emergency teams (MET), the event will explore response to clinical deterioration in a number of settings, including the emergency department, obstetric medicine, pediatrics, mental health and general medical and surgical units.

Rapid response teams were formed with a simple concept – to have a dedicated team of care providers to immediately assess and treat patients demonstrating signs of imminent clinical deterioration with the goal of preventing intensive care unit transfer, cardiac arrest, or death. Often times however, patient monitoring can fail to accurately detect when a patient may begin to deteriorate early enough to take appropriate clinical action, resulting in healthcare providers frequently expending resources reacting to life threatening events, rather than preventing them. Leadership from Yale New Haven Health System, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh will present at the conference, highlighting key results using PeraHealth’s solutions:

  • Yale New Haven Health System, May 11, 2017 at 11:00am CT in Regency A– Thomas Donahue, MD, will discuss proactive intervention and the success Yale New Haven’s St. Raphael campus experienced as a result of implementing a SWAT nursing team using PeraHealth’s Rothman Index to identify acute and unstable patients.
  • Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, May 11, 2017 at 11:00am CT in Regency D – Christopher P. Bonafide, MD, MSCE, will discuss the use of rapid response solutions in pediatric units and common challenges, highlighting new approaches for future rapid response technology to further optimize use and improve outcomes.
  • Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, May 11, 2017 at 11:15am CT in Regency D – Chris Horvat, MD, will discuss the existing landscape of pediatric early warning scores, highlighting the benefits and drawbacks. Dr. Horvat will also share insights and key results around the organization’s use of the Rothman Index as a tool to measure pediatric inpatient acuity.

“There is an industry-wide need for more advanced early warning solutions, which can transform the role of rapid response teams, making their work more proactive and allowing for intervention before a patient’s conditions worsens or escalates to a state of emergency,” says Stephanie Alexander, CEO of PeraHealth. “By leveraging a validated patient acuity score, such as the Rothman Index, healthcare providers are able to better identify and intervene on at-risk patients.”

PeraHealth solutions are in use by more than 80 leading hospitals and care providers, and help determine when to discharge patients; prioritize patient bedside visits and nursing assignments; improve documentation accuracy and timeliness; optimize ICU bed use; and identify opportunities for palliative care consults.