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PeraHealth Joins the Epic App Orchard

PeraHealth announces its membership in Epic’s App Orchard to allow seamless integration into Epic’s EHR platform.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – September 13, 2017 – PeraHealth, a provider of predictive, real-time clinical surveillance solutions, announces its membership in Epic’s App Orchard to allow seamless integration into Epic’s EHR platform. As an App Orchard contributor, PeraHealth will utilize application programming interfaces (APIs), which serve as a bridge between Epic tools and third-party software products to enable greater collaboration, integration and seamless workflow.

PeraTrend, PeraHealth’s clinical surveillance solution, provides clinicians with a visual dashboard of the patient’s condition in real-time, allowing them to detect subtle, potentially life-threatening changes at either a nursing unit level or across the hospital for real-time clinical surveillance. Powered by the Rothman Index (RI), a general measure of patient condition for healthcare providers, PeraHealth’s solutions can be easily integrated into a provider’s existing EHR, utilizing real-time data to quantify and visualize patient acuity and risk.

“Healthcare organizations are seeking to maximize the use of their EHR platforms, and look to do so in a way that is customized to their clinicians’ needs,” says Stephanie Alexander, CEO of PeraHealth. “With the compatibility available through the App Orchard, we can smoothly integrate with Epic platforms to improve workflow for care teams, as well as standardize deployment methodology across all Epic platforms – expanding the potential to further integrate this functionality to additional PeraHealth solutions.”

Yale New Haven Health System, a non-profit, 1,541-bed tertiary medical center in Connecticut, currently leverages PeraHealth’s technology, which uses APIs from App Orchard, across its sites to help improve patient outcomes. Yale New Haven clinicians are able to leverage key features from the EHR platform within PeraTrend, including a customized patient list called My List – meaning a clinician can extend the functionality of My List in the PeraTrend dashboard to view the condition of patients only on their list.

“Having access to third party solutions, like PeraHealth, which smoothly integrate with our EHR platform allows our organization to truly get the most out of our EHR investment,” says Lisa Stump, SVP and CIO at Yale New Haven Health System and Yale School of Medicine. “Our team has been able to integrate key features from Epic into PeraTrend that enable a seamless workflow and help improve quality of care, ultimately increasing value for the patient.”

About PeraHealth

PeraHealth is a software company that uses the Rothman Index to transform the clinical and financial efficiency of healthcare. The Rothman Index is the first algorithm that derives one simple score from the vast amount of data in the electronic medical record to create a picture of any patient’s condition over time – any age, any disease, any care setting. It is the only algorithm proven to reduce mortality in practice. Other results include reducing length of stay and readmissions. Our customers are leading hospitals and clinicians who need to identify patients at risk of rapid decline, make decisions about transfer and discharge, predict the risk of severe infection, and improve the overall efficiency and quality of care. For more information, visit and @PeraHealth.