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PeraHealth Names New Chief Growth Officer


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (February 11, 2022) – Carolyn Minnock has joined PeraHealth as its Chief Growth Officer. She leads marketing, sales, and partnerships that further the company’s purpose of operationalizing the Rothman Index (RI) to transform the clinical and financial efficiency of healthcare.

The Rothman Index incorporates existing clinical data to create a trajectory of every patient’s condition – any age, any disease. The score is provided in real time, allowing clinicians to be more efficient and effective.

“Our methodology touches all aspects of healthcare as we support clinicians and reduce their stress, especially during these challenging times with staffing, COVID-19, and burnout,” said Minnock. “We also focus on the patients, enabling their providers to show them a simple view of their condition so they can be engaged with their own care.  We are currently delving into extending the proven science of the RI outside of the hospital walls to provide one common language, one clinical solution across the continuum. With our proven success on the inpatient side, and given our methodology is ubiquitous, our organization is eager to impact additional areas.”

Innovative initiatives for 2022 include:

  • “Payviders”: Helping deliver cost-effective care
  • Post-acute care: Identifying patients for proper levels of discharge planning and then monitoring patients that are at risk for readmissions
  • Social Determinants of Health: Connecting data sets from multiple sources to have a holistic view of each patient
  • Emergency Department care: Helping triage patients to the best care level
  • Clinical Trials: Determining the impact of clinical trials on specific populations and evaluating trial success

“Carolyn’s return brings an energy level and experience that matches the excitement our Rothman Index brings to healthcare teams,” said Joe Beals, Ph.D., PeraHealth’s CEO.

Minnock originally joined PeraHealth in 2015, after six years with Atrium Health. In January 2021, she left to serve as an Enterprise Strategic Account Executive for Salesforce. Outside of work, Minnock is passionate about improving her local Charlotte community. She serves on the Board of the Hearts Beat as One Foundation (HB1) as its Director of Advancement and Strategy. She has a degree in Biology and an MBA, focused on management, from John Carroll University.

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