Case Study

Akron Children’s Hospital Improves Situational Awareness and Reduces Cognitive Workload with the Pediatric Rothman Index

Highlights Summary

  • Akron Children’s Hospital first partnered with PeraHealth on a sepsis research project and ultimately completed a full implementation of the PeraHealth Solutions, powered by the Pediatric Rothman Index (pRI)

  • The health system replaced PEWS with the pRI for overall clinical surveillance

  • Results include increased situational awareness, reduced cognitive workload, and improved tracking for preventable code blues and unplanned transfers (UPT)

We validated the pRI with our team, we compared it to PEWS. We foreshadowed that PEWS is going into the Smithsonian. We typically introduce new things and never take away old things. But, I think we did this one right. We’ve introduced something new. We’ve demonstrated that it’s better. We’ve sunsetted the prior

Michael Forbes, MD, FAAP
Interim Chair, Department of Pediatrics, Akron Children’s Hospital

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