Case Study

Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Enhances Standards of Care to Reduce Codes and Improve Clinical Documentation

Highlights Summary

  • University of Vermont Health Network – Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital (CVPH) decreases codes on the floor by 60 percent and reduces transfers to higher levels of care by 22 percent
  • Nursing leader enhances standards of care and develops model for continued project success and reliability
  • Rothman Index implementation meets aggressive organizational timeline through ease of use and helps establish CVPH project management office

The Rothman Index is a valuable tool for the clinical nurse. Changes in patient condition can be difficult to notice, yet the potential for reversing negative outcomes associated with these changes could perhaps mean life or death…The RI is helpful in identifying early changes in patient condition and helps to validate any ‘gut instinct’ there is something more going on with the patient that we need to address.

Carlyn Haag, MS, RN, CCRN-K
Nursing Research and Clinical Practice Manager

The implementation of the Rothman Index, along with other process changes was associated with over a 60 percent reduction in cardiac arrests occurring outside of the ICU, a key process metric in our implementation, in the first 6 months. It has also helped us focus our efforts to streamline and improve documentation in our electronic record.

Wouter Rietsema, MD
Chief Quality and Information Officer Director of NP Service

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