Case Study

Oconee Memorial Hospital pieces together “Patient Puzzle” with the Rothman Index

Highlights Summary

  • “Powerful clinical tool” helps S.C. community hospital sift through data to see trends in patient condition, improve care team communication
  • Touchscreen capabilities allow critical information to be accessed in seconds instead of minutes
  • “Having this added ability to see changes and differences provides us with a full picture of a patient’s condition that’s otherwise unattainable.” Daniel Smith, M.D. Oconee Memorial Hospital

With one look at the Rothman Index, our nurses and physicians can see trends in a patient’s condition, both at that point in time and over time.

Daniel Smith, M.D.
Palliative Care and Hospice Specialist

The Rothman Index gives us a strong understanding of what’s different about a patient today as compared to yesterday and even previous hospital visits. This is a powerful clinical tool.

Daniel Smith, M.D.
Palliative Care and Hospice Specialist

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