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Evolution of the Rothman Index


Ten Years of Scientific Validation and Proven Results in Health Systems Nationally

For nearly 10 years, the scientific team behind the Rothman Index (RI) has been constantly validating the algorithm that has been established as the clinical gold standard in helping clinicians detect patient deterioration earlier. Today, the application of the RI has gone well beyond its initial use as an early warning system. Driven by the innovation of our health system partners and our research teams, the Rothman Index is now deployed across the continuum of care, from hospital floors to specialty units to system-wide surveillance and telehealth. Clinical care programs that include the RI have aided our partner health systems in achieving dramatic results:

  • Reduction in all-cause mortality
  • Reduction in readmission rates
  • Reduction in length of stay
  • Earlier detection of sepsis
  • Reduction in code blues
  • Reduction in unplanned transfers to the ICU
  • Cost reduction per case across sepsis, palliative care, unplanned ICU transfers, and others
  • Greater resource efficiency that improves overall health system financial performance

The Rothman Index is proving to be not only an extremely accurate clinical deterioration index, but has applications built for its deployment and use across a variety of clinical workflows. In a nutshell, the Rothman Index is helping clinicians save lives and significantly improve overall health system performance.


  • Joseph Beals, Ph.D., Vice President, Informatics
  • Carolyn Scott, RN, M.Ed., MHA, Senior Vice President, Chief Customer Officer