On-Demand Webinar

Is Population Health Dead?


Listen to Neal C. Hogan and LeAnne Hester as they present Is Population Health Dead? Lessons from the Frontier of Value Based Care. After their presentation you’ll learn:

  • Despite decades of preparation for value-based care and population health, the vast majority of health system business remains patient-driven fee for service.
  • Health systems can prepare for a possible risk-based future, but the bulk of attention should be focused on the core tenets of a successful health system enterprise: maximizing efficiency, minimizing cost, and delivering best in class patient quality – patient by patient.
  • Key to this effort is eliminating care variation: the Rothman Index is a vital tool in identifying care variation and supporting health system efforts to improve throughput, quality and safety.

“Health systems need to realize that fee for service is the business that they are in. It is the cupcake. The bonuses and penalties are only the frosting…” Neal Hogan, Ph.D., in his blog, “Is Population Health Dead?”