On-Demand Webinar

Make Response Times More Rapid with Rothman Index MOBILE


Yale New Haven Health (YNHH) has officially launched Rothman Index MOBILE (RI MOBILE), a new addition to the Rothman Index clinical surveillance platform, which  provides clinicians with remote to access patient surveillance and alerting tools from their mobile devices.  

YNHH’s implementation of RI MOBILE has dramatically impacted clinical efficiency, reducing time to respond to patient deterioration. In addition, an RI MOBILE implementation trial showed that 99% of patient condition alerts to which emergency response SWAT nurses reacted resulted in a patient assessment, and 14% of those warnings resulted in an intervention that a patient may not have otherwise gotten without the mobile alert.


  • Illustrate how RI MOBILE untethers clinicians from the EMR computer screen
  • Showcase YNHH’s rapid response clinical redesign and associated outcomes
  • Explain how RI MOBILE saves time for nurses and helps them respond faster to patient deterioration
  • Share how YNHH uses Rothman Index Analytics dashboards to guide quality initiatives


DATE: July 1, 2020
  1:30-2:00 pm ET


  • Sheila Coonan, Patient Service Manager, Nursing Resource Operations Center, Yale New Haven Health
  • Jonathan Fullerton, Managing Director, Strategic Initiatives, PeraHealth


Hospital executives, clinicians, and care managers who need to identify patients at risk of rapid decline, make decisions about transfer and discharge, predict the risk of severe infection, and improve the overall efficiency and quality of care.