On-Demand Webinar

Making a Difference for our Patients and Care Teams with the Rothman Index – a Proven Early Indicator of Clinical Deterioration

NorthBay Health’s partnership with PeraHealth has shifted their clinicians to become more proactive through accurately signaling patients that are deteriorating. One of the results from this collaboration is a 30% decrease in unplanned transfers to the ICU. Hear from Natalie Correll-Yoder, MN, CCRN, CCNS from NorthBay Health about their organization’s evaluation and utilization of PeraHealth’s solutions, powered by Rothman Index. Join us to learn about:

  • PeraHealth solutions, powered by the Rothman Index
  • NorthBay Health and the specific challenges within acute care
  • Tools evaluated, and why the Rothman Index was chosen
  • Summary of the implementation and rollout of PeraHealth solutions
  • Measure of the impact from utilization, related to unplanned transfers and mortality
  • Overview of future collaborative initiatives