On-Demand Webinar

Reducing Risk: Leveraging the Rothman Index as an Integrated Risk Management Strategy


Health system risk managers play a unique and multi-layered role across the inpatient care enterprise. Sitting at the nexus of employee and patient safety, liability, and the health system’s reputation, risk management leaders play a vital function. The core of their work is to implement programs that avert risk, and to manage a robust reporting program when events do occur. With this in mind, PeraHealth is pleased to offer a special webinar focused on how risk managers can deploy the Rothman Index to proactively identify and manage potential events that could lead to patient harm and subsequent litigation. The core focus of the webinar: how can predictive, real-time clinical surveillance enable hospitals to reduce their overall risk profile?

During the session, our Strategic Initiatives team will share the initial results of a six-month research initiative that has tested the concept of integrating the Rothman Index into a comprehensive and multidisciplinary risk management strategy. Using our real-time clinical surveillance solution, our hospital partners have achieved proven, scientifically validated results that include:

  • 30% reduction in all-cause mortality
  • 26% reduction in sepsis mortality
  • 30% reduction in code blues

Our research suggests the RI can be a powerful tool for supporting multiple parts of the risk management agenda. During this webinar, attendees will:

  • Absorb several examples of cases where the RI offered earlier insight into patient deterioration, allowing for clinical intervention that led to measurable patient impact and reductions in patient harm
  • Identify opportunities for improvement prior to an event
  • Understand the capabilities of the Rothman Index to effectively reflect patient condition across the care continuum, and to provide clinicians with time to intervene when a patient is deteriorating
  • Review the concept of the Rothman Index as a tool to dramatically improve patient safety, reduce care variation and reduce sentinel events
  • Understand how our solutions can help facilitate retrospective review of key cases
  • Learn about how other risk managers believe the RI could be used to help reduce the number and costs of liability claims