On-Demand Webinar

Three Urgent Healthcare Priorities: A Meaningful Prediction for 2019


With a sea of issues like readmissions, new technology, and the intersection of value-based purchasing and patient/family engagement, healthcare is rapidly evolving. In this on-demand webinar, our panelists will apply the “prediction trifecta” concept to predict healthcare issues that define the new year.

Overview of the prediction trifecta:

  • Increasing focus on value-based care and episodic care
  • We will focus on the wellmotivated workforce
  • We will take technology beyond the paper hospital
  • Taking technology beyond the paper hospital

“But making a prediction is not enough. For a prediction to affect patient outcomes, it must meet the criteria that I term the prediction trifecta: It must be correct, timely, and provide new information.”

– Michael Rothman, Co-founder and Chief Science Officer, PeraHealth Harvard Business Review, “A Way To Detect Major Medical Complications Sooner”