Research and Innovation


Research and Innovation

Pioneering the Gold Standard for Visualizing Patient Condition

More than ten years ago, the Rothman brothers developed the Rothman Index, which has emerged as the clinical gold standard for visualizing and trending patient condition. Today, our team continues to research, evaluate, and extend the Rothman Index – welcoming anyone who wishes to collaborate and engage in rigorous scientific discussion around improving the Rothman Index, using it in combination with other data and measures, and expanding the range of applications for both patient care and in revealing insights at the patient and population level.  We continue to identify new applications of the Rothman Index across functions and care settings. Our vision is that the Rothman Index will be used for every patient in every care setting to inform clinical decisions and optimize healthcare performance.

If you or your organization have specific projects or areas of research interest that you’d like PeraHealth to support, or actively help you pursue, please reach out to discuss the Research and Analysis service offerings that we’re able to provide, and the process for costing projects based on the scope of work.

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