The Rothman Index as an Early Warning System


The Rothman Index as an Early Warning System

Real-time information, fewer false alerts

The Rothman Index enables an earlier warning system – giving clinicians hours, and sometimes days, advance warning to have more impact on patient outcomes. It goes beyond vitals-based monitoring to provide constant, advanced surveillance and trending for any patient, any disease, and any unit. Using nursing assessments, the Rothman Index outpaces other systems, improves performance in value-based purchasing programs, and drives operational efficiencies – requiring no additional clinical documentation or steps.

“The RI identifies more patients at risk, and does so with fewer than half the false positives of NEWS and fewer than a third the false positives of MEWS.”

Intelligent Early Warning:

Leveraging the Power of EHR Data to Improve Patient Safety, a Comparison of the Rothman Index with MEWS and NEWS