The Rothman Index as an Early Warning System


The Rothman Index as an Early Warning System

Real-time information, fewer false alerts

The Rothman Index enables an earlier warning system – giving clinicians hours, and sometimes days, advance warning to have more impact on patient outcomes. It goes beyond vitals-based monitoring to provide constant, advanced surveillance and trending for any patient, any disease, and any unit. Using nursing assessments, the Rothman Index outpaces other systems, improves performance in value-based purchasing programs, and drives operational efficiencies – requiring no additional clinical documentation or steps. Using the Rothman Index’s predictive, real-time clinical surveillance solutions and deterioration warnings, rapid response teams (RRTs) identify more at-risk patients sooner for earlier intervention. RRTs are able to shift from a reactive to a proactive care delivery model.

“The RI identifies more patients at risk, and does so with fewer than half the false positives of NEWS and fewer than a third the false positives of MEWS.”

Intelligent Early Warning:

Leveraging the Power of EHR Data to Improve Patient Safety, a Comparison of the Rothman Index with MEWS and NEWS

Over time, we were pleasantly surprised that the data bore out over several months that with the key introduction of the SWAT team using the Rothman Index, we had a decline in mortality.

Sheila Coonan, Manager Rapid Response Team
Yale-New Haven Hospital – Saint Raphael Campus